Oh Manhattan! Sensational Shopping

No trip is complete without a shopping splurge! You're familiar with many known retail stores, and Manhattan offers a number of local stores with the one-of-a-kind finds to treasure.

Downtown Manhattan

Stroll Poyntz Avenue to discover some of the city's best shopping and dining options. Downtown is anchored by Manhattan Town Center and proximate to multiple hotels with easy access to a bevy of unique shops. Find souvenirs, antiques, trendy attire, art, flowers and more in this beautiful piece of Manhattan.


Shoppers pay homage to Aggieville as the first shopping district in the state. A favorite for college students and night owls, you'll find fantastic K-State gear, amazing dining and places to meet great friends. The state's most celebrated entertainment district is Aggieville, in the heart of Manhattan.

Manhattan's West Side

The bustling Westloop shopping district and Seth Child Commons are located in west Manhattan. Shop 'till you drop, grab a tasty bite or treat yourself to a spa day on the west side of Manhattan.