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Festival of Lights

On December 15 the State of Kansas endured a horrible wind storm. The 65 foot tree and the other features were severely damaged and were not able to be put back up before Christmas. While the main attractions for Festival of Lights have been relocated for repair and storage, there are still thousands of lights in the area for visitors to enjoy.  The tree will not be back in 2021, but Whoville representatives will ensure it is back for the 10th anniversary in 2022. Please join in giving to help restore the Holiday joy by donating.

The Festival of Lights is a magical display of lights in the Blue Earth Plaza that is on display from the Friday after Thanksgiving through the New Year. The Blue Earth Plaza is turned into a magical holiday lights display, with a tree in the middle. Watch as the holiday lights dance to the holiday jingles played throughout the plaza. Check the calendar for holiday events happening at the Festival of Lights. 


The Festival of Lights is brought to you by Whoville, Inc. a group of local Manhattan business owners and community leaders who love to give back.