B.Everett MBC

Bridget Everett is a Manhattan hometown girl who made it big time! Her HBO Series Somebody Somewhere has captured the hearts of those looking for somewhere to belong.

We'd love to have you visit Manhattan, KS to see where this smash hit is set. Visit all the favorite Manhattan places of Sam and her friends.

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Manhattan Town Center location for IMAX screen, dine-in entertainment

You’ll find the center of shopping activities in Downtown Manhattan, with shops galore along Poyntz Avenue. Central to our eclectic shopping selections is Manhattan Town Center, front and center along with delectable downtown dining choices to complement excellent entertainment with IMAX movie screen.

Manhattan Town Center's Dine-In IMAX is your place for maximum AMC Theater enjoyment. “Clarity, detail and scale make IMAX more than just a movie. Heart-pounding audio combined with the clearest images on the largest screens takes movie-goers beyond the standard cinema experience,” AMC touts.

First-run films, ultra-comfy seating and direct-to-your-seat menu selections with great service. AMC Dine-In IMAX inside Manhattan Town Center is equipped for all occasions with MacGuffins full-service bar in the commons area. It might just make your home setting obsolete and you’ll want to view every new release in full surround sound and moving personal experience. IMAX will set multi-visit expectations for you and the family!