Spirit of the Holidays

It’s that magical time of the year as the Spirit of the Holidays are everywhere in Manhattan. Make plans to shop, attend events, gather with friends, and make lots of memories.

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Wildwood Adventure Park

Nestled into the Flint Hills, Wildwood Adventure Park is 80 acres of Midwest natural resources. As a family operation, they have transformed the grounds into an outdoor engagement park for others to enjoy! From sight-seeing to extreme adventure, options for individuals, families, businesses, teams and communities. Wildwood Adventure Park Zipline offers a 7-Line Tour with 40 ft. freefall! Lines range from 100 feet to 1,400 feet in length! Soar over the trees and see the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas on all 7 ziplines.

Wacky Wildwood rides

Wildwood zips out sunrise rides, full moon rides and Halloween rides on special offers, and operates weekends from March through November and specially-arranged Monday through Thursday group offerings.


Group zip runs

Wildwood can host up to 125 in your group for a single day. It's all about the full zip experience at Wildwood Adventure Park, with the personal touch of experienced group guides. You'll have a blast and soar high above the Flint Hills. Get your Zip On! Enjoy the elevated excitement at Wildwood Adventure.


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Wildwood Adventure Park
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