Why is fire important to Flint Hills?

Prairie burns regular part of Flint Hills life

The introductory film at Flint Hills Discovery Center is must-see theater, as an enthralling 15-minute tribute to North America's last 4 percent of tallgrass prairie. The multimedia "Tallgrass Prairie: Tides of Time" is more than a video introduction, it is the story of the Flint Hills' existence with nature. Counter-intuitively, fire plays an important role in the 10-foot deep root systems of these bluestem grasses.

Clip below: Nature Conservancy agents explain how the burning process actually adds nutrients to the grass. "Tides of Time" delves further into the prairie's circle of life. Plan your next visit to enjoy Midwest nature in Manhattan, Gateway to the Flint Hills.

Nature Conservancy: Flint Hills Initiative

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