Spirit of the Holidays

It’s that magical time of the year as the Spirit of the Holidays are everywhere in Manhattan. Make plans to shop, attend events, gather with friends, and make lots of memories.

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Visit Manhattan welcomes you to play

As you play in Manhattan, we trust your time is memorable!
Here are a few things for making your time great!


Find juicy burgers, Jamaican inspired dishes, locally brewed beers, sizzling fajitas...

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No trip is complete without a shopping splurge! You're familiar with many known...

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Small-town charm. Rolling hills. Unique sunsets. Natural landscape....

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Outdoor Activities

Kansas provides a beautiful landscape for outdoor activities, with an abundance of...

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Manhattan hotels are within short distances of many attractions, with clusters of...

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The story begins aboard a steamboat ... which chugged to Kansas from Ohio, then ran...

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Among the first settlers to Manhattan were pioneers with the backing of New York...

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