Spirit of the Holidays

It’s that magical time of the year as the Spirit of the Holidays are everywhere in Manhattan. Make plans to shop, attend events, gather with friends, and make lots of memories.

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Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites

Johnny Kaw folk legend plays prominent role in FHDC "Storyland" exhibition

Johnny Kaw is a larger-than-life figure capable of blocking out the sun in portions of Manhattan’s City Park. The Kaw folk legend isn’t too much known outside the state borders, and for that matter within Manhattan. We’re hoping to change all of that with the Johnny Kaw Plaza (storyboards and more aesthetic additions) and further acquaintance with his tall tales created nearly 65 years ago during Manhattan’s centennial celebration.

Kaw is an introductory portion to Flint Hills Discovery Center’s “Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites” exhibition on Manhattan’s southeast corridor. Kaw was known to dip seeds in sunshine and spread ’em statewide. Sunflowers! The beautiful, smile-inducing state flower of Kansas is also a symbol of adoration and loyalty.


“Storyland” complements the regular exhibition in the children’s area of the mezzanine-level gallery and emphasizes early-childhood literacy efforts. Favorite children’s books spring to life with cutout scenes – in addition to Johnny Kaw – from “Where’s Spot,” “The Snowy Day” and “Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

Who is this Johnny Kaw fella anyway?