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2A State Basketball Championships

In partnership with Visit Manhattan, KSHSAA, K-State Athletics and Manhattan Parks & Recreation, Manhattan hosts KSHSAA 2A State Basketball Championships in Bramlage Coliseum on March 9-12, 2022.

Please note online tickets go on sale as early as two days prior to each game and as late as the morning of the game. Tickets may be purchased online for $11 and $8 at kstatesports.com. Tickets may be purchased at the gate for $10 and $7.

Girls 2A Basketball 

Girl's 2A Basketball Stats

March 9 Team Game Semifinals Game Championship Game Champion
2 P.M. Sterling (23-0) Stats

Sterling (24-0)

Stats Sterling (25-0) Stats Sterling (26-0)
Eskridge-Mission Valley (14-8)
  March 11, 2 P.M.
4 P.M. Elbing-Berean Academy (22-1)


Elbing-Berean Academy (23-1)
Blue Rapids-Valley Heights (21-2)
  March 12, 4 P.M.
6 P.M. Pittsburg SM Colgan (21-0) Stats Garden Plain (18-6) Stats

Garden Plain (19-6)

Garden Plain (17-6)
  March 11, 6 P.M.
8 P.M. Jackson Heights (22-1) Stats Smith Center (20-4)
Smith Center (19-4)

Third Place Game - March 12, 12 P.M.

Elbing-Berean Academy (23-2) stats                                                                                                          Smith Center (21-5)                         
Smith Center (20-5)



Boy's 2A Basketball 

Boy's 2A Basketball Stats 

March 10 Team Game Semifinals Game Championship Game Champion
6 P.M. Valley Falls (23-0) Stats Valley Falls (24-0)  Stats St. Marys (22-3) Stats Hillsboro (24-1)
Pittsburg-SM Colgan (14-8)
  March 11, 8 P.M.
8 P.M. St. Marys (20-3)


St Marys (21-3)
WaKeeney Trego Comm (18-4)
  March 12, 6:15 P.M.
2 P.M. Hillsboro (22-1) Stats Hillsboro (23-1) Stats Hillsboro (23-1)
Wichita-The Independent (17-5)
  March 11, 4 P.M.
4 P.M. Lyndon (21-2) Stats Lyndon (22-2)
Sterling (18-5)

Third Place Game - March 12, 2 P.M.

Lyndon (22-3)


Lyndon (23-3)
Valley Falls (24-1)

Visit Manhattan welcomes 2A State Basketball. Special thanks to our partners Mr. Goodcents, McAlister's Deli, HyVee, Holiday Inn at the Campus, Comfort SuitesFairfield, Pizza Hut, and Pizza Ranch

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