22 Things to do in Manhattan in 2022

1. Stroll through the K-State Gardens Soak in a kaleidoscopic swirl of colors, scents, sights and sounds in this on-campus gem, where you can take a peaceful walk through the butterfly garden, sit back and relax or bring your children to teach them about plants. 2. Take a photo in front of our…

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Discover Patio and Outdoor Seating Options in Manhattan

Warmer weather means patio dining and we are ready! Manhattan is home to more than 60 unique dining options, many that offer outdoor seating. Find your next place to enjoy a meal or drink outside below. Aggieville Dining Grab something to eat in Aggieville and enjoy outdoor seating at Taco Lucha…

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Top 7 Date Activities in MHK

Looking for a date idea that is more than just dinner. We have found seven date activities just for you here in Manhattan. 1. Flint Hills Discovery Center Enjoy an afternoon at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Here you will learn all about the amazing landscape that surrounds Manhattan. Don't…

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