Whether it is your first-time fishing, or you have gone a few times before, we have compiled some great resources on fishing in the Manhattan area. From what you will need before you go to six places near Manhattan as well as regulations you should be aware of. 

What do you need before going fishing?

You will need a license, not a driver’s license, but rather a special license just for fishing. Don’t worry though you won’t have to study to obtain this license. Anyone 16– 74 years old must obtain a license. These can be purchased online, at any Kansas Department Wildlife Parks Office or from a licensed agent like a tackle shop or even a gas station. Purchase a permit at one of these locations.

Many locations like the Tuttle Creek River Pond require you to have a vehicle permit to access the park. Day fees are $5 or $25 for the whole year and can be purchased on-site.

Along with a license, you will need a basic fishing kit. Check out takemefishing.org to learn about picking equipment to go fishing. Don’t forget to grab pliers and a small rag to help you handle the fish you catch.

Fishing Spots in Manhattan

Tuttle Creek Reservoir – The Tuttle Creek Reservoir is huge with over 10,900 surface acres and multiple spots to drop a fishing line or put in a boat. Catch fish like crappie, white bass, catfish, largemouth bass and saugeye.  

Tuttle Creek Willow Lake – Located just below the Tuttle Creek Reservoir. This is a fun place to fish with plenty of spots to cast your hook. Great for catching channel catfish, crappie, largemouth bass and trout.

Rocky Ford Fishing Area  – Located on the north east side of Manhattan. Here you can catch fish like catfish, white bass, drum and saugeye. 

Pottawatomie No. 2 – Located on the north east side of Manhattan.  This is a great spot to spend a long afternoon fishing. Catch fish like black bass, channel catfish, crappie and bluegill. A great place to try out kayak fishing as well. 

Jerry Dishman Lake – Located in Anneberg Park on the west side of town. This is a small lake perfect for a short afternoon of fishing fun. Here you can catch bluegill, channel catfish, crappie, green sunfish, flathead catfish and largemouth bass. 

Fishing Regulations

Be sure to check fishing regulations for the area you are in. This will help keep you informed on whether or not you can keep the fish or how many fish you can take.

Find statewide limits here. Find fishing regulations for each body of water on their website page above. Fishing regulations can be different for each body of water even if they are only a short distance a part.

Taking the boat out? Learn about general boating regulations here

Fishing can be a fun activity for the whole family or some quiet time. You can’t catch ‘em if you don’t go, so get out there and cast a line.