Experience priceless moments of thrilling adventure for a sensible price, here in Manhattan. Find tons of free and budget friendly activities for everyone!

Free Activities

Looking for a free fun activity or needing to get out of the house for an afternoon? Go for a picnic! Make lunch or dinner at home and pack it up, find a picnic spot at Manhattan City Park or Blue Earth Plaza. Don’t forget to say hi to our friend Johnny Kaw in the City Park. Looking for active fun? Take a walk at Fairmont Park or around the Kansas State University Gardens. Take a car ride and view all the art murals in Manhattan, many are within walking distance of each other! Go to the Top of the World park and check out the view. Experience Manhattan history and head to the Riley County Historical Museum where admission is free.


$5 Per Person or Less

There is a plethora of activities where you can spend less than $5 per person, what a deal! Head to the iconic Varsity Donuts and grab a donut, their donuts range in price from $0.99 to $2.99. Go ahead and go for a walk and find the perfect picture opportunity in front of the “I love you Little Apple Mural.” Don’t miss the other two murals in Aggieville. Head to the Konza Prairie for a hike. Choose between one of the three trail options and with a $2 suggested fee it is definitely in budget. Tuttle Creek State Park is only $5 for a day pass. Here you can enjoy trails or head to the beach to cool off from the summer heat. Beat the heat and enjoy a sweet treat at Tad’s Shaved Ice where prices range from $3 - $5 per serving size.


Less than $25 for a Family of Four

Experience vacation and do it on a dime or 250 dimes. Enjoy a wild adventure at Sunset Zoo here you can see more than 200 animals! Adult admission is only $5.50 for the whole day! Don’t forget you can bring in your own water and snacks, they even have a picnic area. The Midwest Dream Car Collection showcases a stunning collection of over 65 cars! Be sure to get your tickets online to make your visit under $25.


There is tons of fun to be had in Manhattan even on a small budget from unique trails, museums, sweet treats and even Sunset Zoo! What fun activity are you planning to do soon?