Two of the worst words to hear on vacation are Weather Delay! Whether it's because of thunderstorms or extreme heat it puts all outdoor activities off limits. Find 5 entertaining indoor activities to do in Manhattan during a weather delay or if you're just trying to beat the heat!

1. Flint Hills Discovery Center
Flint Hills Discovery Center

The Flint Hills Discovery Center is located in downtown Manhattan in the Blue Earth Plaza. The center serves as a tribute to the 10,000 square miles of tall grass prairie that we call the Flint Hills. The three story structure is filled with opportunities to learn for all. On the lower floor learn all about the striking Flint Hills. On the second floor find their temporary exhibit, Hands on Harley-Davidson.  

 2. Midwest Dream Car Collection

Midwest Dream Car Collection

The Midwest Dream Car Collection is a unique collection of more than 60 vehicles. Find muscle cars, customs, exotics, classics and more in the collection. Learn about each vehicles story as you travel the floor. The Midwest Dream Car Collection is always hosting events like guest lectures, kid's studio and feature car talks. Learn more about their exhibits here.

3. Locked Manhattan
Locked Manhattan

Locked Manhattan has earned the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, so you know this escape room adventure is going to be great! Located in downtown Manhattan they have six unique escape rooms that range in difficulty level. Escape rooms are intricately designed through countless hours of research and planning. Your group has one hour to investigate semi-cover clues, piece the clues together and gain your freedom. Find out more about Locked Manhattan.

4. Uncorked Inspiration

Uncorked Inspiration

Maybe you're crafty or can laugh at yourself or maybe you're just there for the wine, whichever you are, you will definitely have a great time at Uncorked Inspiration. Located in Aggieville, enjoy group painting events with instruction and a smidge of art history. As you're bringing out your creative side sip your favorite beverage like wine. Or head in for an afternoon of painting pottery, open painting or DIY wood and crafts. Find out more about Uncorked Inspiration here.

5. Axe Throwing 

Axe to Grind

Find two perfect spots to go axe throwing in Manhattan. In downtown Manhattan, venture to Manhatchet where you can throw an axe and enjoy some food and drinks all indoors. Or head to Axe To Grind and try your best to hit a bullseye at their indoor facility. 


Come visit Manhattan experience one of these five fun indoor activities perfect for any day of weather delays or just avoiding the heat. Which activity will you try first?