Visit Manhattan Steering Committee members

The Visit Manhattan Steering Committee Board members’ role is to offer advice, make suggestions and present ideas for the marketing of Manhattan. The Board is advisory, making recommendations to the Chamber Board. Meetings are held six (6) times a year, on the first Wednesdays of even months.

The Visit Manhattan Steering Committee Advisory Board consists of ten (10) members, two (2) co-chairs. Term Limits are 3-year terms. Terms are staggered with 1/3 of the board changing each year. 


Kevin Roberts, Chair, Kansas State University 

Brad Everett - Hotel 

Brett Foltz - K-State Athletics

Cale Harrington - Hotel

Becky Katzenmeier - Attraction

Dave Lewis - Entertainment

Colin Noble - Hotel

Hannah Pease - Restaurant

Scott Sieben - Restaurant

Randy Stitt - Financial

Danielle Tegtmeier - Attraction



Winn Butler - City Commissioner

Nancy Burton - Chamber Exec Board

Jason Smith - Chamber President

Aaron Stewart - Manhattan Parks & Rec Director

Marcia Rozell - Visit Manhattan Director