What are the best places to see on the K-State campus?

There are so many, but we'll steer you to five, and the amazing K-Staters on campus can take over from there:

1) Beach Museum of Art, SE part of campus (14th & Anderson)

2) Hale Library and the glorious aesthetics of the main campus library. Note: Hale closed for renovations due to spring 2018 fire (the hope is to open for 2019-20 year). Exterior building still great backdrop for selfies!

3) K-State Student Union, recently renovated student space looks practically new

4) The Gardens, horticulture display garden building to a 19-acre garden shrine

5) Call Hall; what's a visit to K-State without grabbing some ice cream? Find it between Dole and Weber halls toward the campus' north end.

Don't forget your selfie in front of Anderson Hall, the picturesque castle near the center of campus.

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