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Sep 08

MHK's kingdom of cuisine

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:58 PM by Michael Goens

Manhattan’s ever-flourishing -- and always tasty -- restaurant scene may have fluctuated since some visitors’ last trips, but the authentically jubilant spirit of selections offered in MHK’s unique dining venues never departs. MHK’s vibrant dining bursts with excitement, and explodes with flavor-filled exhilaration.

The tastes and pleasant aromatic offerings from Manhattan restaurants makes football Saturdays more than football-based gluttony, as an introduction of culinary curiosity carries guests from one inviting and exquisite dining establishment to a cluster-filled kingdom of cuisine that even seven home games cannot cover. Simple answer? More MHK visits.


In Downtown Manhattan, you may not have had time to size up Blue Moose Bar and Grill, with Sunday brunch buffet and delectably tasty Build Your Own Mac & Cheese. Of course, the enviable temperatures beckon al fresco diners, and few spots match Tallgrass Taphouse. The massive Taphouse is a 10-barrel brewhouse that features a high-quality, rotating depth chart of solid craft beers. The roof seats 50 and offers splendid views of the nearby, far-reaching Flint Hills and more Poyntz Avenue businesses.

Start your Saturday morning bright and early with the Chef breakfast frittatas. Festive; and sensational! Make another stop at The Hut: Bayou Bar and Grille, where the Cox brothers have tossed some Cajun flair into the menu, and frequent live music at The Hut. Can’t say enough about Bourbon & Baker’s delectable small-plate offerings, and the immense whiskey menu from another Poyntz Av fave.

Harry’s remains the best, and soon to come on board is the Wine Dive and Restaurant, just south of the Chef on 4th Street. Be amazed with your next flavor-filled Manhattan visit; and check back right here for more details on the Wine Dive and MHK dining as we keep guests apprised of new, unequaled eating destinations.


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