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Mar 23

Spring time in MHK ... jump on board!

Posted on March 23, 2017 at 4:43 PM by Michael Goens

Spring time in Manhattan, and so many things to do as the sun brightens and the days lengthen. With no sub-50 temps in sight, here’s a quick list for spring-time jaunts in The Little Apple.

Big Blue River Trail
If you’re into off-road trail-biking, the trail that runs along the Big Blue River is great for mountain bikers. If you demand jumps and some challenging obstacles, you’re on the right course. Tuttle Creek offers some trails or nice scenes for riders more drawn to pavement.

Bluemont Hill hikes
The recent second annual MH1K was just staged here, and seven people broke the 5-minute-mark. You can try to break four minutes ala Joe Moore, or take a more leisurely stroll up the basically two-thirds-mile trail. The reward comes from the scenic view at the top.

Time to go clubbing
The state’s No. 1 public golf course features wide-open, zoysia fairways that will still be in dormancy as you simultaneously polish off the sticks and your game. Few clubhouses offer the relaxing quality of Colbert’s, with a great bar and equally nice outdoor patio to watch Flint Hills sunsets.

Wildwood Outdoor
March in Manhattan? Must be time for ziplining. Steve Springer and his crew will get you set up to have a blast as you “swing from the trees” on Wildwood Outdoor Adventure’s seven ziplines with stunning views of the landscape. Zip On!

Unwind and just relax
Too much activity, too early in spring? No problem! Find a patio, have a drink, and just breathe in the clean air. Tallgrass Taphouse in downtown along Poyntz has a great rooftop patio to sample a fresh tap. The crowds along Aggieville’s borders are drawn to al fresco dining at Wahoo and Coco Bolos. Eat up!

Check out Manhattan's calendar for March-April events


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