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Feb 08

Fall in love with The Little Apple

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 2:46 PM by Michael Goens

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Love is in the air, fall in love with The Little Apple

February is the month to recognize amore, and there is plenty to love about Manhattan, not the least of which is an amazing dining scene that consistently draws rave reviews statewide and from around the Midwest. There’s just something special about the variety of feasting delights that can be savored around Manhattan. We’ll touch on just a few in Downtown Manhattan; there will be more to come.

Have an appreciation for light, Mediterranean fare? There’s nothing better than a 4 Olives dish, maybe even a 4 Cakes treat. Staying in the Blue Earth Plaza area delivers the dish (not to mention delish!) on so many levels. Breakfasts are taken to the ultimate level when enjoyed at the Chef. You’ll even want to extend your stay just to sample more menu items.

Once you’ve gotten to Poyntz, you’ll have a hard time going anywhere else, though there are many more options around the city. Dinner selections along Poyntz Avenue are truly tremendous, with the 25-year stellar tradition of Harry’s Restaurant, consistently rated as the state’s best. Harry’s introduces a few Valentine’s Day special selections to include a dessert favorite. You won’t have to look far to find a prevalence of newer menu selections at places.

The legend of the Blue Moose has stomped onto Third Street and Poyntz at Manhattan Town Center, with dynamic entrees and plenty of beers on tap. della Voce delivers delightful martinis, fine-dining atmosphere and delicious Italian dishes.

Tallgrass Taphouse, the sterling new brewpub named the state’s best by is located within 11,000 square feet and has incredible edibles with choice, unparalleled tap selections. Another source of amazing flavor, Bourbon & Baker offers small-plate succulence like chicken-and-biscuit exquisite-ness and southern-like setting just steps from your hotel. Have happy Hibachi Hut memories? You’re not alone, and the flawless flavor of Cajun and Creole tastes – jambalaya joyfulness – will send you over the top. Piggin’s, AJ’s Pizzeria, Applebee’s (Kansas restaurant). Check back for this blog and we’ll look deeper into Aggieville and more around town dining to feature. 


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