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Oct 11

Enhanced design benefits mobile users

Posted on October 11, 2016 at 5:05 PM by Michael Goens

A new website design serves purposes beyond a more sleek, modern design. All three divisions of Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce benefited from a business relationship with Manhattan-based CivicPlus, a dynamic and thriving company that specializes in government website solutions.

October rollout of a website portal ( and subsequent sites ( will provide substantial advantages for website visitors, and Manhattan visitors. While a website is an always-growing, evolving communications piece, we’re most proud of the mobile capabilities built into the new design.

Mobile-friendly components were a vital ingredient in moving the websites forward. A rapidly-increasing segment of the online community are mobile users. They not only double the number of mobile application (“app”) users, the divide is growing even bigger: one-third of Visit Manhattan users arrive from mobile devices and the new site tracks an early 25 percent increase.

We hope you enjoy the site enhancements at Visit Manhattan: more videos and better navigation among the improvements. We’ll accept any feedback as valuable critique toward improvement of the website, and we assure visitors that continued improvements are forthcoming. Thanks for your visit to, and we look forward to your visit to Manhattan, Kansas!


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