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Jan 22

Shakespeare's First Folio in The Little Apple

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 3:23 PM by Michael Goens

Don Hedrick

Shakespeare Folio at K-State: "He was not of an age, but for all time!"
William Shakespeare is headed to Manhattan for a month-long exhibit. He’ll be accompanied by a host of friends and an assortment of highly-anticipated events. K-State English professor Don Hedrick (pictured above) is a Shakespeare scholar, and brazenly enthusiastic about the Bard’s arrival. He’s far from being alone.

In February, Kansas State University will host “Shakespeare in The Little Apple” events that coincide with the First Folio arrival at Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art on campus. Hedrick will start the ball rolling on Jan. 28, with an hour-long introduction to the First Folio at Hale Library, to include several speakers that showcase Shakespeare’s far-reaching influence.

For instance, Hedrick’s past research led him to information that Duke Ellington wrote several songs that were inspired by Shakespeare works. That was a surprise to University Distinguished Professor of Music Wayne Goins, himself a devotee of Ellington’s jazz artistry and eager to relate stories on the connection. Shakespeare’s influence on culture, of course, is immeasurable.

Hedrick is the English departmental Shakespearean at K-State. He’s even directed a Shakespeare play, “The Winter’s Tale,” a twisting romance-comedy that was staged at Manhattan Arts Center, where Hedrick even introduced live animals to the stage for sheep-shearing scenes. Yep, live sheep.

“He had such a great imagination,” Hedrick muttered in fascination, in awe of the Bard’s breadth of work. “It’s been my goal to show my students the importance of their imaginations … to other worlds, other works, and just in doing things … “

Hedrick claims that once he got the ball rolling, all around campus “people jumped on”. It’s been a nearly two-year process to pull everything together, including a year between compilation of the grant proposal and announcement of the Folio coming to Manhattan.

“This was the window of opportunity,” Hedrick said of the February availability of the text. “It was the conjunction of possibilities. The application was a model for others since we put so much into it.”

At 4 p.m. Jan. 28 at Hale Library, Hedrick will host an introduction to the First Folio accompanied by Kara Northway, associate professor of English on campus and another Shakespeare scholar.

The First Folio document is unveiled to the public Feb. 4 at Beach Museum of Art. The opening reception is free and open to the public, with a gallery tour of the 1623-drafted text.

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