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Nov 07

Beauty in the Flint Hills

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 1:46 PM by Emily Wehling

We Asked... YOU Answered

Manhattan is located in the heart of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie.  What exactly is the Flint Hills tallgrass Prairie? Tallgrass prairie once covered 170 million acres of land in North America.  This breathtaking wild landscape is home to a whole different world of ecology and biology.  It's a serene place for people to connect with the prairie and its wildlife. We asked our followers what they love most about the Flint Hills, and the responses are a small token of appreciation for this special habitat. 


What do you love most about the Flint Hills?

"The changing seasons in the Flint Hills and on the tallgrass prairie are awe-inspiring-- from the colors of the sunsets to the colors of the flowers, grasses and leaves.  A visit provides a sense of serenity and renewal."
-Sylvia C. 

"The Flint Hills tallgrass prairie is beautiful! One of my favorite parts about living here is picturing what it was like 200 years ago.  I know it had to be amazing!"
-Lisa N.

"Everyone thinks Kansas is flat.  They haven't seen the Flint Hills!"
-Jolene A.

"I always feel relaxed when I see the grass swaying in the wind and glistening in the sun.  It is truly a beautiful and magical place!"
-Wanling H. 

Learn more about the Flint Hills here.

Feeling a little more adventurous?

We invite you to experience the Flint Hills for yourself.  One of the best places to do this is at Kansas's newest attraction- the Flint Hills Discovery Center located in Manhattan, Kansas.  This tourist attraction explores the geology, biology and cultural history of the Flint Hills-- the last remaining tallgrass prairie in North America.  

 Manhattan KS-- 20120405_Flint Hills Discovery Center.jpg
Find out more about the FHDC.

 Come see for yourself the beauty of the Flint Hills.  It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway! 


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