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Oct 12

Little Apple... BIG SPOOKS

Posted on October 12, 2020 at 3:26 PM by Tarra Rotstein

Every town is known for a couple ghost stories. Ever wondered what hauntings are in Manhattan, Kansas? Compiled in this blog post are the spookiest stories of The Little Apple®.

Old Saint Mary Hospital

Originally built in 1907 with the plan to rent rooms to students, this haunting is almost a century old. In 1936, after many years of various uses, the building began its term as Old Saint Mary Hospital. Currently no longer a hospital, this haunted building resides at 11th and Freemont and is home to Kansas State Fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi. 

During the 1940’s, a nurse unknowingly walked backwards with a cart into an elevator shaft.  However, she fell down the elevator shaft to her death. The gentle, quiet demeanor of the nurse is often seen floating down the hall on the first floor carrying a medicine tray and going about her rounds. 

Old Saint Mary Hospital

As the hospital began its decline, nurses were moving patients to a new building when a frail old man fell out of bed and landed near the wall. Nurses assumed that the old man had moved out when they couldn’t find him, however, he was suffering injuries and died during the night. The spirit has been named George and still makes himself known to the fraternity. In fact, he has become an unofficial member. Although he remains an “unseen” spirit, he makes his presence known by playing with lights, making a pounding sound on the 3rd floor, and unlocking windows and doors. He’s a harmless spirit, but most men in the house will say they have been spooked by him more than once.

Purple Masque Theatre- East Stadium

One of the most interesting hauntings in Manhattan, the Purple Masque Theatre is located under East Stadium on campus and is said to be haunted by 19 year old football player “Nick.” A very controversial haunting, as some people believe Nick is a playful ghost and others call him a demon. Nick is believed to be the spirit of John M. Holden who died in 1953 after a mid-air collision with another player during an intramural football game. Many reports have claimed that he is a shadowy figure who often creeps the halls of East Stadium and plays games on people who are there alone. One thing is for sure- there are enough reports to make this haunting believable. 

East Stadium

Wolf House

Wolf House

Many strange sightings have taken place at this old home in Manhattan. No longer a residential home, there are rumors of men in top hats standing in the windows with canes.  People claim you can hear voices inside the home. Once an early brothel, it is said that a woman was killed there. Years later, a town doctor lived there and committed suicide. This abandoned home was cursed from the beginning. 

Hauntings are a spooky thing.  Do you dare check out these locations during your time in The Little Apple®? 


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