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Aug 24

Manhattan Attraction to Visit Based on Enneagram Type

Posted on August 24, 2020 at 1:47 PM by Tarra Rotstein

Have you heard of Enneagram? If not, it’s time to find your Enneagram type. The assessment is similar to a Myers Brigg, a DiSC assessment and the True Colors personality test. If you know your Enneagram type, skip ahead to find the perfect Manhattan attraction based on your results.

Enneagram Type 1 - Midwest Dream Car Collection

midwest dream car collection - car museum - manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 1 is often deemed the perfectionist and while they do enjoy perfection, principles and integrity are a large part of that motivation that drives them. Speaking of driving we think the Midwest Dream Car Collection is the perfect place for Enneagram Type 1. Here they see how standards in the structure of cars have come along throughout time and how different those processes have been.

Enneagram Type 2 - Tuttle Creek Lake
Tuttle Creek Lake - manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 2 is motivated by being liked and appreciated. Camping and outdoor activities often involve a group effort when participants can help one another complete tasks. This is why Tuttle Creek Lake is the perfect attraction for Enneagram Type 2. Here at the lake they can help each other complete fun activities like hiking, biking, paddling and more.

Enneagram Type 3 - Axe Throwing
axe to grind - manhatchet - axe throwing - manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 3 values achievement and they want to be the best which can bring out a competitive streak in them. This type would exceed at axe throwing. They can show their competitive side without being overbearing. Axe throwing is a fun group activity where Enneagram Type 3 can show off their skills set.

Enneagram Type 4 Four – Uncorked Inspiration
uncorked inspiration - painting - manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 4 enjoys expressing their uniqueness and being authentic. We think the best way they can express themselves is through art. This is why Uncorked Inspiration is the place for Enneagram type 4. Here they can express themselves through art while sipping something strong. Whether they enjoy art or not they will have fun expressing what's on the inside on to their canvas or structure.

Enneagram Type 5 - Flint Hills Discovery Center
Flint Hills discovery center - family fun - manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 5 is motivated by the need to know and understand. The best place to gain knowledge on the local Flint Hills is through the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Here they can learn all about the Tallgrass prairie that they can see on the Konza. Enneagram Type 5 will enjoy understanding the history and science behind what they see throughout Manhattan.

Enneagram Type 6 - Liquid Art Winery
liquid art winery - winery - kansas winery - Manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 6 value security and belonging. This often shows in the way of expressing duty and care in service of people. Liquid Art Winery is a place where Enneagram Type 6 can connect with their people in a quiet setting that allows for great conversation. The relaxed atmosphere of this destination we'll put an Enneagram Type 6 at ease relieving them of responsibilities.

Enneagram Type 7 - Aggieville
aggieville- manhattan Kansas - visit Manhattan
Enneagram Type 7 values life experiences and living life to the fullest. Aggieville is the place to live life to the fullest with live music almost every weekend, local dining and a vibrant nightlife atmosphere. Type 7’s can feel right at home in what locals call the "'Ville." Aggieville is a lively scene on game days or any night.

Enneagram Type 8 - Wildwood Adventure Park
Zip Line - wildwood adventure park - Manhattan kansas
Enneagram Type 8 is motivated by the need to be strong and avoid showing any vulnerability. They enjoy challenges, which is why conquering the ziplines at Wildwood Adventure Park is the perfect Manhattan attraction for them. Enneagram Type 8 will find it fun and exhilarating to be zipping from tree to tree with beautiful views of the Flint Hills.

Enneagram Type 9 – Konza
konza prairie - manhattan kansas - Flint Hills
Enneagram Type 9 is the peacemaker motivated by a need for harmony within the world. Nothing feels more harmonious or serene than a hike on the Konza. Experiencing the Flint Hills landscape first hand will put them in a mood of tranquility and peace. Be sure to bring water as the trail can be long. 

There is much to love about Manhattan and we know each Enneagram Type will enjoy multiple attractions. We hope this puts you on track to picking your next attraction when you Visit Manhattan. Looking for more things to do in Manhattan on our Little Apple Page.


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