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Aug 10

The Best Meteor Shower of the Year is Almost here!

Posted on August 10, 2020 at 10:27 AM by Tarra Rotstein

The Perseids, aka the best meteor show of the year is almost here! The Perseids night time show goes on from August 11–14. See the show start to peak in the pre-dawn hours, but can be spotted as early as 10 p.m. 

The experts say to lie flat on your back and look up at the night sky allowing several minutes for your eyes to adjust. No special equipment is needed to take in the night sky. 

Learn more about the Perseid Meteor Shower here

Where in Manhattan can you get away from all the city lights to enjoy the wonderful meteor shower? We recommend that you visit your meteor showing viewing before the evening of as it will be extremely dark at the time for premium meteor shower viewing.  

1. Scenic Overlook 

Head out to the Scenic Overlook where you can normally see for miles and miles on end. Grab a blanket for the ground and look up at the stars. 

2. Top of the World - Washington Marlatt Park

Go for a drive and see the meteor shower from the "Top of the World". We recommend going to the Top of the World Parking Lot at 3410 Top of the World Dr, Manhattan, Kansas. There might be some city lights in view but you should be far enough away to be able to see the meteor shower well. 

3. Carnahan Park 

Carnahan Park is just outside of Manhattan near Olsburg. The park has direct access to Tuttle Creek Lake. Along with being extraordinary quiet there is limited lighting throughout the area. The area will likely be completely dark to see the meteor shower easily. 

4. Cedar Ridge State Park 

Cedar Ridge State Park on Tuttle Creek Lake is a great park to see the meteor shower from. Although the area tends to be busier and a little closer to the City of Manhattan, there will likely be little amount of light from the city. This means it will be one of the darker areas to watch the meteor shower. 

5. Tuttle Creek State Park

Tuttle Creek State Park would be a great place to plan a tent camping trip to watch the meteor shower. Tuttle Creek State Park has three areas for you to camp at with your tent, be sure to call ahead for the pricing, no reservations needed. Overall the area is dark with open sky area giving you a great view of the meteor shower. 

Are you up for the adventure to see the meteor shower? Be sure to share pictures of the meteor shower with us by using the #VisitMHK


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