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Jun 04

5 Manhattan Trails You Don’t Know About

Posted on June 4, 2020 at 1:37 PM by Tarra Rotstein

Did you know Manhattan is home to 29 city parks, which means miles and miles of walking trails! Most of these parks only a few miles from anywhere in town.

Fairmont River Bend Trail

trail walking
Catch views of the Kansas River between trees on your walk on the Fairmont River Bend trail. The trail totals about 1.5 miles in length a large portion of the trail is paved. The portions of the trail that are gravel or dirt are easy to walk on. This trail has a lot of trees which provides tons of shade for super sunny days. This trail is close to the river and may require bug spray later in the wet season. Overall easy walking trail that loops around. Dogs and bikes allowed!

Takes about 25 minutes to walk.

Western Heritage Trail 

rocky ford trail

Head out to the Rocky Ford State Fishing Area for the Western Heritage Trail. This trail is fully paved, except for the loop on the North side. The South side of the trail is fully paved and does not loop. This side has a beautiful view of the Big Blue River with some shade. The trail total is 2.8 miles and is easy to walk. This trail is close to the river and may require bug spray later in the wet season. Dogs and bikes allowed. Total trail takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Northeast Community Park
northeast community park

The Northeast Community Park has a great walking trail although the park might be small. The 2 mile trail is mostly gravel and easy to walk as it flat. The trail has minimal shade, what it lacks in shade it makes up for in views. Head out to the Northeast Community Park on a clear blue-sky day and you will be shocked at the amount of sky you can see. The trail can connect to the Linear Trail via the pedestrian suspension bridge which swings a bit when you cross it. Dogs and bikes allowed. Total trail time 30 minutes.

Pillsbury Crossing Trail 

pillsbury crossing waterfall
It goes without saying that the Pillsbury Crossing waterfall is a must see! The waterfall has about a 4 feet drop into a stream with a limestone ledge. The Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area has a .55 mile trail that has a natural walking path. From the path you can view of the Deep Creek for some of the trail. This trail is easy and would take about 15 minutes. Dogs allowed.

Roger Schultz Park
roger schultz trail

The Roger Schultz Park is similar in views to that of Marlatt Park, in fact you get a gorgeous view of the Manhattan Airport from the green trail. The total trail miles 1.25 miles, with steep and rocky hills. All of the trail is dirt and flint rock. Much of the trail is only usable one walker at a time. Great views and a fun way to get in a workout without too much time because of those hills and rocky terrain. Trail took about 30 minutes. Overall medium difficulty. Dogs allowed, camera encouraged.

Summer is here which means tons of time outside. How do you plan on enjoying the many parks Manhattan offers?

We always hope you find the park in perfect condition, if you don’t report it to the City of Manhattan. This is a non-emergency reporting place.


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