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Apr 21

Scenic Drive Around Manhattan

Posted on April 21, 2020 at 10:54 AM by Tarra Rotstein

If you are feeling a little stir crazy that is totally understandable, or maybe you just miss driving around town. We get it and dare to say we have felt the same way the last couple of weeks. We have gathered a few scenic views to see from the back of your steering wheel, while parked to help you feel a little less cooped up. 

Incite MHK

Drive through Downtown Manhattan to view the Incite MHK mural. The mural was painted by Brazilian artist duo Douglas de Castro and Renato Perreira. The kaleidoscopic mural depicts someone studying in with a field popping out of the book the person is holding. This wall painting was an effort put on by the Incite MHK group which celebrates art in the community. The mural can be seen from the AJ's New York Pizzeria Patio at the corner of Poyntz Avenue and Third Street. 

In Aggieville, you can spot three murals all with their unique twist and style. 


The first one on Moro Street between Jimmy Johns and on the side of O'Malley's Alley. The bright green wall is painted with the phrase "I love you little apple.” This points back to Manhattan's nickname The Little Apple®. 

Taco Lucha

The second serves as the signage for Taco Lucha. The mural is vibrant and carries the theme of a Taqueria complete with Luchador masks. Local artist Phyllis Pease is the artists who painted the mural, it was completed in January 2020. The mural is of three luchadores and includes a championship belt on the mural. This mural can be seen from Moro Street and N 12 street. 

The third one is located on the side of Little Apple Art Supply on N 11 street features a mural by Enrico Isamu Oyama, whose work was displayed in the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art. His unique art style is from his interest in Tokyo and American street cultures. The mural brings Big Apple art to The Little Apple®. 

Manhattan Arts Center

It is only fitting that the Manhattan Arts Center has a mural, it is located on their Creative Arts Studio. The mural boasts a postcard like look, with the state covered in sunflowers and the words "Greetings from Manhattan" written in the sky. When the time comes it is a great place for a photo opportunity. 

Manhattan Running Company

Manhattan Running Company features a mural on the side of their building. The mural painted by Hannah Merle, depicts a trail through the Flint Hills. It boasts lively colors and a beautiful sunset or sunrise. You can find this at 1129 Garden Way. 

Kistner's Flowers

The newest mural in Manhattan is at Kistner's Flowers, a locally owned flower shop. The mural showcases the flower shops name and flowers. It appears to be painted by the one of the owners Bronwyn Douglas. The mural can be viewed passing into Downtown Manhattan on 1901 Pillsbury Drive. 

If you are looking to take a spin these are just some of the beautiful views you can find in Manhattan. What murals do you plan on visiting?


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