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Apr 03

7 Ways to Support Manhattan Right Now

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 2:04 PM by Tarra Rotstein

Looking for new ways to support the Manhattan community? We compiled seven ways you can support local business in Manhattan. Find a full listing of businesses policy changes here. 

1. Purchase gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased anywhere, if you are not located in Manhattan this is one of the best options to support Manhattan small business. If you purchase a gift card through MHK Together, they will give the same amount in grocery assistance. This helps support small business and the Manhattan community. Learn more about MHK Together here. If they are not listed most business have information on their social media accounts on how to purchase gift cards.


2. Digital Attractions Experience

Support your favorite attractions by using their online resources. These virtual visit resources provide a lot of great information for future visits and a lot of entertainment. Be sure to share those virtual experiences on social media just like you would if you were there. Find virtual visiting options here. 


3. Write a Positive Review
We have all been there looking for something, but not sure what the best option is. 97 percent (qualtrics) of people read reviews for local business, which means a positive review you write now can influence potential customers. Here are a few questions to get you started on crafting your review of your favorite Manhattan business. How was the customer service? What is the atmosphere like? How was the meal you were served? What occasions you have gone there for? How well did they accommodate for a food allergy or special request?


4. Let's get social

Give your favorite Manhattan business a follow or like and share/like/retweet/ with some of their posts. They will really appreciate any help in gaining more traction with the information they are trying to get out. Or if you order from them or use their service make a post about it and tag them in the post.


5. Shop Online

Many local shops are working to provide you with unique opportunities to buy online or buy with curbside delivery. Each business is different, but through checking their social media or website you can find an option that works best for you! Find the listing of local businesses and their new policies here. 


6. Get Active

Explore one of Manhattan's many trails or walking areas and get active. While you take in a breath of fresh air be sure to keep a distance of six feet or more between you and others. In the Flint Hills there is plenty of space to be alone or distanced from others. Find the trails here.


7. Skip the Refund

If you were planning on attending a performance or something that was ticketed consider not receiving a refund. Instead consider writing it off as a donation. If you didn't have a performance cancelled consider now a good time to purchase a membership to a local nonprofit art association or purchase future tickets.

Do you have another way to support local businesses? We would love to hear it. 


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