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Jan 31

American Adventure Exhibit Comes to the Flint Hills Discovery Center

Posted on January 31, 2020 at 8:03 AM by Tarra Rotstein

American Adventure at the Flint Hills Discovery Center now through May 10, 2020


Head up to the second floor of the Flint Hills Discovery Center to start your American Adventure. Be sure to grab your player board, similar to a Chinese calculator, so you can track your health, food, wealth and morale points, because 1607 in America was not an easy time.  

10_Rocky Fall Line

History Check: Welcome to Jamestown, the year is 1607 and this is English's first attempt to establish a colony, in what is now known as the United States, specifically in present day Virginia. About 100 English colonists landed in what they called Jamestown, by the end of the year that statement would not be true. Many settlers faced great hardship and danger in their new environment. The American Adventure transports you back into these times in Jamestown. 

American Adventure Exhibit 1

This exhibit is similar to a walk through board game, as there are challenges along the way, like in the 1600s. Walk through the exhibit and stop when you see the "life points sticker," this indicates action on the exhibitor's part. At these stops you answer questions, rock climb, lasso a sturgeon, zip line, and more. The interactive exhibit is an engaging hands-on educational adventure, perfect for children, families and school groups.

The exhibit fully transports you to the 1600s, it's way more than reading. Exhibitors get to smell what being a colonist was like, scrape out turtle shells for what would be the colonists dinner, practice lassoing a sturgeon, zip line across a huge fish and play the American Adventure version of "Wheel of Fortune." The stakes are evener higher in this version of Wheel of Fortune, as spinning the wheel can mean life or death.

American Adventure Exhibit 3

As you complete each activity you earn or diminish your points, half-way through you realize how hard it was to be a settler. Every time you turn a corner you face physical demands such as hunger or exhaustion, disease, poor leadership or wildlife moving in.

American Adventure Exhibit 2

The challenges are meant to mirror the obstacle settlers faced in their first year. This was not easy, in fact only 38 of the 104 colonists survived. We're not sure of the exact survival rates of the exhibit, but rest assured it is not easy to survive your first round. 

Check out the American Adventure exhibit now through May 10, 2020 at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. 


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