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Dec 23

Hi Lo Brings Big Apple Trends to the Little Apple

Posted on December 23, 2019 at 8:50 AM by Tarra Rotstein

The Miracle on Moro

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Walking into Hi Lo I was taken to a Christmas wonderland, the restaurant boasted a major holiday transformation that included, twinkle lights, new paint, gifts hanging from the ceiling, large wreaths, wrapped tables, and Santa hats covering the back of the bar stools. Hi Lo is introducing, Miracle on Moro, a pop-up bar, originally franchised out of New York City. This holiday themed pop-up bar is sure to get the whole family in the Christmas mood. 

What is a pop-up bar? 

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Now you might be thinking what is a pop-up bar, it is a temporary restaurant often operating out of restaurant spaces or “popping up” during festivals. Pop-up bars are a popular concept in many big cities attracting big crowds due to their unique menus, limited edition nature and unique experience. 

The 'Miracle' franchise started in 2014 at a New York City Bar, due to renovations being too slow to operate founder Greg Boehm halted construction and transformed the unfinished space into a pop-up bar serving holiday themed drinks, during the holiday season. Find the full story here. 

Festive Inspired Space

Get excited and in the festive mood by visiting the Miracle on Moro. The restaurant transports their patrons to a full-on Christmas Wonderland accompanied by holiday music and movies playing on their big screens. This decoration transformation took owners Adam and Jess Peyton a few days to complete. The Miracle on Moro pop-up bar started November 25 and will continue on until December 31. Customers have enjoyed seeing all the decor, drinking one of the ten signature drinks or three holiday themed shots, some have even asked that they keep the Miracle on Moro up all year. Owners say they are looking into more opportunities to bring pop-up bars to Manhattan all year long. 

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Customers are buzzing about the glasses the drinks are served in, from a Santa head to a miniature barrel, even a SanTaRex. Some drinkware is available for purchase. This is a family friendly activity (before 10 p.m.), Hi Lo is now serving hot chocolate and other alcohol free hot drinks, along with a brownie platter and cookies to satisfy the whole family.   

Make a night of it!

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Make a full night of the holiday festivities in Aggieville: start off by ice skating in City Park, be sure to visit Johnny Kaw as he is quite festive at this time of year as well. Make your way over to Hi Lo for the Miracle on Moro pop-up bar and enjoy one of their pizzas or flat breads. Finish the evening with a dessert donut from Varsity's and walk around Aggieville's Triangle Park that is decorated for the holidays, a.k.a. the perfect place for a holiday photo op. 

Let us know what your favorite drink is from the Miracle on Moro bar by tagging @visitmanhattan in the post. 

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Full drink menu here





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