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Jun 14

Summer’s a breeze in MHK, build your stamina and have a blast!

Posted on June 14, 2019 at 3:50 PM by Michael Goens

Summers in Manhattan are built for the duration, with intervals of speed to heighten your exhilaration. Blast along trails on your mountain bike and blaze along Linear Trail on crosstrail rides. Waters have begun to calm for boat outings and golf course fairways “greening up” so you can let it rip all around our Gateway to the Flint Hills in Manhattan, Kansas.

Konza Prairie trails make life a breeze when it’s finally time to ease back on full throttle. Take a breath and look around. It’s been said that while the oceans and mountains take your breath away, the Flint Hills allow you to catch your breath, collect your thoughts and mull your place in life.


Summer’s only just begun and temps are ideal to hop around outside. Whether you prefer to run, swim, bike, boat, simply sunbathe or maybe actually hop around, Manhattan outside activities are ready and willing to oblige.

How ’bout a refresher on your best “course of action” to appease summer’s warming rays? 

Konza Prairie within Flint Hills
Collect your breath and revel in the open spaces. Absorb the nothing-ness of simple, quiet nature far away from major life issues. Enjoy three trails of varying distance (1.5, 4.5, 6 miles) along babbling King’s Creek and take it all in! Be kings of the Konza

Konza Prairie hikes_Doug Stremel2

Living the pool life
Dive in, the water’s perfect! Make relaxation your summer priority with lazy rivers, twisting slides and a whole bunch of fun “play things” at City Park, CiCo and Northview pools. City Park also features StingRay half-pipe wave machine and nearby Splash Park. Manhattan waterparks

Manhattan splash park_MSnell2

Trails, trails, trails
Anneberg Park offers a short-distance nature trail that circles athletic fields in a secluded area of west Manhattan. More central, you’ll find Clarenburg Trail around City Park with ballfields, swimming pool/splash park, tennis and volleyball courts and Rose Garden. Linear Trail loosely follows the Kaw River for an abbreviated distance with crushed gravel and paved portions. Explore MHK trails

Linear Trail rides_MSnell2

Tuttle Creek State Park
Amazing trails, disc golf course and archery have returned to operations. High waters have begun to recede and given normal summer-like conditions, additional camping and increased River Pond Area access should be available soon. Note: Water levels are still an issue in some areas.
Find info about campgrounds 


Let’s get wild!
Take a leap off the beaten path – quite literally – when you leave the relative safety of the earth and fly high through Flint Hills canyons on seven ziplines at Wildwood Adventure Park. Zip, hike, sightsee and thrill in adventures all wrapped up into one. Finish it off with a 40-foot freefall. Now you’re talking! Soaring adventures

Wildwood Adventure Park_KS

Time to relax
Once you’ve filled up the “get busy livin’ ” slate, then you can get busy relaxing. That’s maybe the most rewarding part: reflect on the experience, enjoy a refreshing drink and unwind with a splendid meal. You’ve come to the right place, our foodie fun town has bedazzling venues for great munchies. Far too many to list: Bluestem Bistro/Grill, Coco Bolos, Cox Bros., Little Apple Brewery, Little Grill, Powercat Sports Grill, Rock-a-Belly Deli, So Long Saloon and Taco Lucha plus downtown powerhouses Bourbon and Baker, El Patron, Harry’s, Tallgrass Tap House, The Chef and Wine Dive Kitchen; that should get you started.
Strap on the feedbag


Welcome all your friends to the Gateway to the Flint Hills! Where Ohhhhhh Manhattan! is the call of summer.

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