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May 09

Positive vibes resonate throughout Flint Hills tourism industry

Posted on May 9, 2019 at 12:46 PM by Michael Goens

Travel Matters around Manhattan, and how our city is perceived matters, too. Seven regionally-placed billboards draw attention to some of our tourism strengths: namely outdoors-enhanced Flint Hills vistas, prairie sunsets and physical activities (biking, zip-lining) that speak to some things we cherish. Highly-accessed east and west vantage points are our common entry points, and it’s important to convey that Manhattan welcomes travelers both overtly (bridge welcome sign) and artistically, with architecturally masterful airport and Flint Hills Discovery Center.

Our short-term progress is stunning, and makes “Oh Manhattan” an entirely sensible marketing concept. When tourists drive up Highway 77 and over the Kansas River, they glimpse Flint Hills Discovery Center and Manhattan Town Center, tremendous welcome points to Downtown Manhattan. Air travel into “Fly MHK” greets visitors with a professionally symbolic Manhattan Regional Airport, the state’s second-busiest flight center and highly accessible visitor resource to respective hotel areas nearby downtown and Kansas State University.

Manhattan welcome sign

The Flint Hills’ environmental aura ushers a subtly-nuanced embrace, like a whisper in the wind: “Welcome to Manhattan!” Travelers visit Manhattan for conferences, annual meetings, entertainment, reunions and sports tournament venues. Restaurants and shopping receive high-level accolades for ease of access and high-quality service. It matters, because Travel Matters.

The tourism trade has become more robust than ever, with $2.50 of every $100 from Kansas tourism spent in Manhattan and $26.2 million estimated economic impact (2018 data). With these impactful economic numbers in hand, we recognize the importance of National Travel and Tourism Week, celebrated since 1984.


National week set aside to honor tourism
This National Travel and Tourism Week, we embrace our role to deliver as the area’s travel authority. We make great efforts to let travelers know that Harry’s is the state’s best fine-dining spot, and ranks among the Midwest’s best. That the sunset views at Liquid Art Winery are second-to-none, with a mighty fine cider sampling and wine pour, to boot. The selections at Wine Dive Kitchen are virtually unrivaled, as is a flight of fancy during zip-line tours at Wildwood Adventure Park. All of our restaurants, attractions and offerings make Travel Matter to Manhattan.


And there’s a lot to like about Manhattan, Gateway to the Flint Hills. Must be, with 1 million-plus visitors from 2016-18. The Wildcats are a major draw, but it’s more than great college athletic competition that has kept Manhattan on the rise. There’s a positive vibe in MHK. Friendliness as prevalent as prairie winds has even earned its own distinction, Manhappiness, that visitors seemingly always acclaim!

Discover your positive vibes in our entryway to easy flowing lifestyles; be ready to explore your vast potential for enjoyment and tap into the enjoyment that epitomizes our community attractiveness. Discover what Oh, Manhattan! means to you.

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