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Apr 25

Finish at 50 for Snyder Half, then try out more MHK trails

Posted on April 25, 2019 at 2:27 PM by Michael Goens

This year marks the fifth annual Bill Snyder Highway Half-marathon with special nostalgia as the first finish inside the stadium. On the field, arms raised, triumphant over the course of 13.2 miles! Runners’ final steps will bound down the northeast corner ramp and onto field turf at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Manhattan Running Co's Ben Sigle talks Bill Snyder Highway Half

Imagine the exultant 1,500 runners, some of whom have competed in every year’s edition since its 2015 origination. Those runners will have completed approximately 100,000 steps that cover Kansas Highway 77, Downtown Manhattan, City Park and Kansas State University campus.

On average, Americans cover 5,000 steps per day so it would take Memorial Day’s four-day, work week to cover the approximate 20,000 steps a runner takes to complete a half-marathon. Twenty thousand!


How many steps for the Bill Snyder Highway Half? Certainly no fewer than 17,500 steps with a 7-mile, majority downhill starting portion for almost 55 percent of the race’s entirety; as many as 22,500 steps for shorter-legged runners. Now that’s leggin’ it!

Konza Prairie_DStremel2

How does that distance equate with some of Manhattan’s best-known trails?

  1. Ten trips up-and-down wooded trails at Bluemont Hill to reach M-A-N-H-A-T-T-A-N letters at the hill’s zenith
  2. Three trips around King’s Creek Loop at Konza Prairie, an approximate 4.6-mile distance and mid-length-marker of Konza’s three prairie trails Konza Prairie
  3. Manhattan’s Linear Trail, marked at 9-mile distance, covers two-thirds of Manhattan. Were Linear a full loop around MHK, it likely would cover equivalent distance of a half-marathon (13.2 miles)

You don’t really need an excuse for your next, special Oh, Manhattan! moment. The Snyder Half gives you one anyway. Finish on the field at the fifth annual half-marathon in Manhattan, then celebrate with our delish dining options as you relax afterward. Win the dang day and Visit Manhattan!

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