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Dec 05

5 Things to Make You Say: Oh, Manhattan!

Posted on December 5, 2019 at 10:40 AM by Dena Huff

Not just a little, a lot of amazing things abound for everyone in our humble spot that's known as Gateway to the Flint Hills. Oh, Man? Oh, Wow? Oh, Manhattan! Food, shopping, outdoors and more on every venture here to sample not just a little but a lot of Manhappiness!
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1.     Fantastic Foodie Fun
Fall in love with all the flavors to savor with the deliciousness of dining around Manhattan and all of the Flint Hills. Fine dining, small-plate delicacies, Caribbean, Mediterranean … we have it covered quite pleasantly! Have a taste of Manhappiness! Flavor abounds

2.     Sensational Shopping
There’s no need to venture far and wide to manage your shopping needs around MHK. Pop along Poyntz for home and floral, meander areas within Manhattan Town Center (adjoining IMAX theater!) and take a quick peek out around Westloop, Seth Child Common and Plaza West malls to get the full-on zest appeal of all our shops! Shopping virtuosity


3.     Outstanding Outdoors
Heed the call of adventures for biking, boating, hiking, kayaking and zip-lining on trails that bring suspense and even suspension. Paddle, pedal and peak to placate your primordial needs at our thrill-seeking paradise. Golfing, too! Activities enhanced

Linear Trail

4.     Exciting Events
You’ve come to the right place for non-stop pull of enthusiastic event participation. Events all around!

5.     Willie Wildcat
Hey, speaking of the Wildcats, when Willie’s around there’s usually action on the field, pitch and courts to follow the growing fever attached to K-State Sports. Get in on the fun in Manhattan!



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