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Jun 20

Your best Oh Manhattan! spots for National Selfie Day

Posted on June 20, 2019 at 1:21 PM by Michael Goens


One of the most important travel checklist items right beyond your top-of-the-list shopping and foodie spots is to grab that all-important selfie. Hey, you can’t visit a place even if you’ve been dozens of times without making your social network all jelly that you’ve got time off and you’re in the Land of Limestone, Oh Manhattan!

In observance of National Selfie Day (June 21), here are your top five spots for grabbing a selfie in the Gateway to the Flint Hills:

Aggieville alley: That’s Amore on Moro
If you’ve been to the ’Ville, you know the spot. First trip to Manhattan?, well you’re in for a treat in Aggieville, the state’s original shopping district. Bars, restaurants and services all around. On Moro between 12th Street and North Manhattan Avenue, you’ll find a wide, well-trafficked alley with a green-painted wall and red lettering, “i love you little apple.” Perfect for big groups or just you and a friend. Spread the love, it’s all about Manhappiness!


Heeeere’s Johnny!
Heard of our pal, Johnny Kaw? His legend has grown over almost 65 years since the 1955 city centennial. The Johnny Kaw statue rises 25 feet above City Park in the area’s southeast corner. Johnny’s friends are hard at work to put finishing touches on a statue facelift but Kaw won’t budge during the work. Point your camera up – way up – and click!


Flower power at K-State Gardens
Water fountain. Old dairy barn. Any arrangement of flora you can imagine. The Gardens at Kansas State University offer plentiful opportunities to snap your selfie. It helps when flowers are in bloom and water fountain flows freely, so plot your course according to the sun’s best and brightest rays!


Konza Prairie nature trails
Kansas is known for our amazing sunsets, and out on the prairie is not only in the wide open and solitary nature experiences, Konza’s also very near to all of your favorite Manhattan attractions. The trails are great, and the Konza overlook on Highway 177 gives you an elevated viewpoint of the greater expanse of tallgrass prairie. Oh my? Oh Manhattan!


Poyntz powered pics
Pick your spots all along Poyntz – Harry’s and Wareham Opera House are two faves – and a few adjacent avenues and streets (The Chef neon sign and front window, on Fourth). A number of stores like Steve’s Floral, Gatherings, Winged Lion and more places make great backdrops along with Tallgrass Tap House and the massive liquid cylinders inside or the great rooftop with Poyntz for the back-filled shot.

Wareham Theater_ManhattanKS

You really can’t go wrong finding a killer selfie spot in Manhattan. Of course, Bill Snyder’s or Mr. K-State’s statues give Wildcat fans a camera companion, and the scoreboard while the band plays Wildcat Victory is a great video for any K-Stater’s sports collection.

Find your special place on your next visit. Oh Manhattan, for selfie-snapping missions of glory!

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