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Apr 19

Soak up the aromas: BreadFest 2019 countdown approaches 50-day mark

Posted on April 19, 2019 at 4:37 PM by Michael Goens

America’s Baking Sweetheart is all about baking education with a pinch of love as the key ingredient. Stephanie Petersen, aka Chef Tess Bakeresse, is a nationally-published cookbook author and Heartland TV Network Celebrity Chef. Her flavor-of-the-week for the first full week of June includes an appearance during National Festival of Breads activities here in Manhattan. Chef Tess will unveil basic bread tips, “Mom’s 5-Day Bread and Old-Fashioned Peasant’s Rye Bread” instructions, sponsored by Kansas Wheat.

NFOB bread display
That’s just a small portion of the day’s June 8 activities inside Manhattan Conference Center for sixth biennial National Festival of Breads. Tips and baking demo sessions begin at 9 a.m. and continue until live judging of eight amateur finalists inside the banquet hall to determine champion bakers. Petersen provides tips toward “Braiding Breads and Decorative Bread Slashing,” while Kansas Soybean Spokesperson Charlene Patton doles out helpful lessons on “Baking with Young Families.”

Bread samples and baking sheets stuffed full with advice are among the tasty, hearty offerings at BreadFest 2019.

bread mascot

Ask the Bakers
Multi-level baking advice gets dished out by the bushels-full by Sharon Davis with Home Baking Association and culinary expert Connie Nieman. This new educational presentation during NFOB events will be held at the Flint Hills Room, adjacent to the conference center’s ballroom and main events. “Ask the Bakers” breaks into six, 30-minute sessions with savory flavorings hinting toward ingredient and equipment inquiries to model best-practiced methods for home-baking rewards.

We’re talking bread, but this day’s got some sizzle! Don’t miss the 2019 NFOB version with baking advice and plenty of samples all around the conference center. Mark it on your calendar: June 8, Manhattan KS.

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