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Apr 12

Music season hums into gear as Symphony leads the chorus

Posted on April 12, 2019 at 12:15 PM by Michael Goens

Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to lay down a beat.

As we round into full-fledged spring, renewed warmth gives rise to outdoor concerts from Manhattan venues like Coco Bolos patio, Bluemont Lounge (Bluemont Hotel weekly entertainment spot) and frequent events hosted by Liquid Art Winery and Estate in the city's western regions (minutes away).

Our Gateway to the Flint Hills region also hosts two of the most distinguished outdoor affairs upcoming in June: Symphony in the Flint Hills (June 15, 14th annual) followed by the Midwest’s biggest jamfest at Kicker Country Stampede (June 20-22, 24th annual gathering) at Tuttle Creek State Park.

symphony stage

Tried-and-true Symphony a piece of Americana
Symphony lassos hearts with its cattle roundup of cowboys atop horseback, planned to peak a hilltop at dusk to the prairie-pleasing rhythms of the Kansas City Symphony orchestra. Daylong, pre-music   activities are filled with pastoral flavorings like haywagon rides and nature-infused poetry readings.

Guests will be drawn to the accompanying Prairie Art Exhibit and Auction. It’s a day to behold on the Kansas prairie, framed by the extraordinarily spectacular Flint Hills observation plateaus. KC Symphony always closes to a heart-melting rendition of “Home on the Range,” where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the eyes stay moist throughout.

The concert venue at Irma’s Pasture right outside Bazaar, Kansas, is easily reached from Manhattan in only 75 minutes. Our Gateway is always open to visitors to enjoy our amazing restaurant locations. MHK’s own Cox Brothers barbecue is one amenity to enjoy at “Symphony,” and you’ll undoubtedly want to check out “The Real McCoy” on McCall, along with Coco Bolos and more foodie treats in Manhappenin’. Get your fill in MHK!

Symphony Tickets
Call 620-273-8955 or visit Symphony in the Flint Hills.

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