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Mar 21

Catch your Flint Hills glow this spring in Manhattan

Posted on March 21, 2019 at 12:45 PM by Michael Goens

Konza Prairie trail_Manhattan KS
Warmer weather – it's finally here! – invariably draws Manhattan-ites and visitors to the outdoors. What’s not to like about sunshine, blue skies and green prairie grasses that emit overflowing joyous revelations and relaxations? Our visiting friends can hop on the same trails as we all enjoy around the Flint Hills. Warmth beckons for trail hikes, golf outings and zipline runs. Fortunately, Manhattan has all of those angles covered. Outdoor dining? That too!

Explorations always start at Flint Hills Discovery Center to increase knowledge about the geologic splendor of the region. What magnificent natural beauty the rolling hills present as the last remaining four percent of North America’s tallgrass prairie exist right outside Manhattan. Hike. Picnic. Adore.

Let the sun splash on your face. Soak it up in our rolling hills, Gateway to the Flint Hills. Wide open spaces are prevalent in northeast Kansas, and we’ve got some of the best in Manhattan. Take advantage!

Sunrise on the prairie

Trails, trails & more trails touts Flint Hills sunsets as among the world’s best. The World’s Best. We can’t argue! The colors; the radiance; the freshness … all spectacular! You’ll find a real connection with nature where you’re apart from life’s concerns. Head out to Konza Prairie for three different trail lengths, starting at 1.5 miles. More trails encircle City and CiCo parks right in the city. Multi-surfaced Hudson Trail (part dirt, part paved) skirts the edge of Colbert Hills golf course and traverses toward Marlatt Park, and even more trails present beautiful landscapes at and near Tuttle Creek State Park. Make life's journey glorious in Manhattan's outdoors!

Colbert Hills golf course
Tee it up for an amazing 18
If those trails don’t diminish all of your energy, head back to Colbert Hills and play 18 holes at the state’s best public golf course. Oh, the views! Oh, the course! What a great experience to play the course named for co-designer and former PGA Pro Jim Colbert. It’s not an easy round, as fairways are far from flat, and quite similar in terrain to the surrounding, naturally rolling hills. Colbert Hills is truly a unique gift to Manhattan. Don’t spend all your time consumed by swing thoughts. Look around, the sights are astonishing! Especially from the 7th hole tee box. Hint-hint: Here’s your spot for foursome ‘selfies’.

Restaurant relaxation
When it comes time to relax, Manhattan delivers more of the best with palate-pleasing foodie destinations. Travel writer Ron Stern caught on to the foodie theme on a recent visit, as he and wife Nancy came for a second serving of Manhappiness, they loaded up on the full restaurant experienceAl fresco dining is highly desired when this cooler-weather destination shrugs off the winter blues. March offers at least 15-to-20 days of 60-degree weather, and that qualified for warmer weather in Kansas. One of your best stops includes Tallgrass Tap House along Poyntz. The suds flow freely from the rooftop bar, which presents more splendid views of the nearby Flint Hills and main street storefronts.
Rock-A-Belly Deli_ManhattanKS
Outdoor dining rocks The ’Ville
Another great spot with highly-desired outdoor seating also makes many lists for inexpensive dining, incredible atmosphere and its fun-themed menu and aura. The name is Taco Lucha (faux Lucha Libre wrestler). The place is Taco Lucha, where the fun quotient is always pegged sky-high at the “funky Aggieville Taqueria.” Taco Tuesdays specialty is always the Peanut Butter Taco: tender sirloin, bacon, pepperjack and pickle. What a combo! There’s more excitement at Rock-A-Belly Deli on North Manhattan Avenue. More excitement. More flavor. More fun! The Deli’s menu hasn’t seen a lot of revisions over the course of 30 years -- why mess with a good thing? – which is why the quaint little deli is a hit with locals. IPAs pour easily out of 23-ounce “Big Girl” glasses, and the breezy Belly demeanor is as laid-back as a Caribbean beach bar.  
Wildwood Outdoor Adventure ziplines

Ziplining and zoo tours

Top your Manhattan visit with zipline runs at Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park, just east of the Kansas River (Johnson Road off Pillsbury Drive). More spectacular Flint Hills views make Wildwood zips a very special experience, with zip runs through hollowed-out canyons lined by limestone rock. Sunset Zoo makes another great stop, and the zoo is showing off its latest additions to the family with adorable newborn maned wolf pups.

Slide into more tranquil outings
Steer back to outdoors activities for Kansas State University’s 51st annual Open House with a fun-filled Saturday of college-infused zaniness on April 6. Campus spirit spills everywhere with events in the student union, Hale Library and rec center.

Win the dang day with the Wildcats' interactive April 13 Spring Showcase, as new coach Chris Klieman directs the Cat attack around a strong 2019 returning cast. K-State baseball is back at Tointon during March 29-31 to open home Big 12 action against Texas Tech, and returns to MHK April 2 (Nebraska), April 10 (Omaha) and April 18-20 (TCU). 

Spring in Manhattan delivers with gusto, and the activities are plentiful for your next captivating visit! Experience what Manhappiness is all about!

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