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Feb 07

This Valentine’s Day, find inspiration within your own creativity

Posted on February 7, 2019 at 12:46 PM by Michael Goens

Intense research has shown there are two groups of people. One group that exclaims, “oh yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day next week!” The other that cries out, “oh @#&*, it’s Valentine’s Day next week!” Whichever group fits your description, Uncorked Inspiration throws out the welcome mat for its Paint & Sip series at 121 S. Fourth Street, one block from Poyntz Avenue in Downtown Manhattan.

That welcome applies to artists of all talents. We see you shaking your head Mr. Not-An-Artist Guy. It doesn’t matter. Come and have fun and see what kind of creation you can put on canvas. Sip a lil’ vino. It’s really about having a good time and getting to learn just a tad bit of art knowledge along the way.

Uncorked Inspiration’s Neal Wollenberg provides the entertaining lessons, presented as UI’s own website touts “his own brand of goofy humor.” If this sounds like anything but a stodgy, old art class, that’s because it is! Wollenberg fills the discussions with laughter and just a smidge of the art historian in him comes out. Really, it’s about discovery for your creativity.

Searching for romantic outings with a refreshing flair is more difficult as your relationship advances. This one’s easy to find: Paint & Sip; research Paint & Sip upcoming events for your next best outing.

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