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Jan 24

Snap, snap, snap away at new FHDC exhibit, "Framed"

Posted on January 24, 2019 at 12:44 PM by Michael Goens


You’ve been framed. That’s a good thing for the next 3½ months if you’re planning to visit Flint Hills Discovery Center. The center’s newest exhibition, “Framed: Step Into Art,” debuts in Manhattan on Jan. 26 at 315 S. Third St. This is a highly interactive display that inserts children into the frames of internationally-renowned artwork.

Among the featured artists, Clementine Hunter ("Prepare for a Celebration"), Louisianan born to slaves who worked on a plantation during the day and painted at night. Her first paintings sold for $.25. In roughly the same era, John Singer Sargent was considered the top portrait artist of his generation. "Camp at Lake O’Hara" is the featured work.


Kids and exquisite art don’t seem to mesh, you may think until it’s revealed the paintings are introduced in such an immersive fashion as Framed will depict. Just imagine your young child’s face right within the canvas of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. That’s the charm of Framed. It connects kids with artistic masters and their talents to help the children comprehend what artists might have tried to communicate through these works. Another section of the exhibition enables kids to “Create Your Own Combinations” where they assemble pieces into sculpture-like figures.

“The works in this exhibition are all designed for children to dabble in these art concepts,” said Stephen Bridenstine, curator of education at Flint Hills Discovery Center, of the bilingual (English/Spanish) “Framed” exhibition.


Creativity within adventure
Displays within FHDC usually emphasize creative-play elements as fun learning ventures, Bridenstine stressed. Another dramatic component of Flint Hills Discovery’s next rotating exhibit, “Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites,” complements the regular exhibition in the children’s area of the mezzanine-level gallery. “Storyland” emphasizes early exposure to literacy and encourages the value of parents reading to kids. Your favorite children’s books spring to life with cutout scenes from “Where’s Spot,” “The Snowy Day” and “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

Plus, you’ll want to see the exhibit’s fun local twist with our big guy Johnny Kaw as part of “Storyland.” Develop your own Johnny Kaw legend story and snap a selfie on Johnny’s junction of the world in the Flint Hills.

“Framed” remains in Manhattan through May 12, followed by “Dream With DaVinci” during summer months. First visit? You’ll want to check out the first-floor permanent exhibition devoted to mysteries that surround the tallgrass prairie – Flint Hills region – our piece of the Great Plains around Manhattan.


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