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Nov 01

Bakers' delight for national bread festival heating up Manhattan

Posted on November 1, 2018 at 2:15 PM by Michael Goens

A Swiss Proverb translates as, “Avoid those who don’t like bread and children.” Let that stew – chew on it a bit, if you will -- while we inform hearty bread-baking connoisseurs of eligibility for National Festival of Breads. Contest entries opened last month and continue through Jan. 1, 2019, another 62 days!

America’s biennial bread baking championship heats up as the dough rises on 2019, reaching 150 days into the new year then wholly rising the week of the national festival: June 8, 2019, at Manhattan Conference Center. This NFOB contest offers one baking platform for home bakers and another category for food bloggers.

NFOB contestants_2017

How this NFOB dealio works
Eight finalists are selected, four home bakers plus four food bloggers, among entrants who submit original recipes. Once you wrap up the baking fun, include a photo that displays whole loaf/roll and another showing a sliced portion with the interior visible.

Recipe entries (with recipe history accounted for) are required to include step-by-step directions with each ingredient listed. This is big-time, folks! The contest is sponsored by King Arthur Flour and Red Star Yeast, produced by Kansas Wheat right here in Manhattan.

cinnamon breadNFOB awardsTasty rolls_NFOB2017

Set aside to cool
‘Tis always a good day to bake bread! Or as Russian novelist Dostoyevsky penned, “There is not a thing that is more positive than bread.” We’ll see you here in June; amateur bakers, food critics, food lovers and finalists alike! Should your entry be chosen, NFOB finals consist of a bakeoff at Manhattan Conference Center ballroom. Circle June 8 on your calendars, and plan your trip!

Request a Kansas Wheat 2018 Recipe Book. Nearly three dozen recipes include “Tom Turkey” and “Mini Cornucopia,” just in time for Thanksgiving in three weeks. Plus, here’s one recipe sample for your next football tailgate:

American Football

  1. Roll out 5 ounces dough into 6-inch-by-3-inch oval. Pull ends to exaggerate points to form football shape. Place on greased baking sheet.
  2. With knife, make slight cut across top of the football not quite to reach the points. Use 1-ounce dough, roll 10-inch rope as thinly as possible. Cut the rope into 5-6 pieces (for the laces). Lay each lace across the cut. Using a toothpick, push ends of the laces down into the “football” to secure.
  3. Let rise until almost doubled. Beat together 1 egg, 1 tablespoon water; brush onto football. Bake at 375-degrees (F); 20 minutes or until golden brown. 


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