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Oct 25

Light it up! Festival of Lights countdown has begun!

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 3:31 PM by Michael Goens

At the strike of 7, families everywhere scurried into action with jovial designs for the glee-filled, post-Thanksgiving lighting ceremony at Manhattan Festival of Lights; fascinations blazed dizzily about in their collective minds. Cast a collective gaze forward four weeks, as families from Leonardville to Parkerville can’t wait to unleash the season -- Manhattan-wide, Manhattan-style -- Blue Earth Plaza to Blueville Nursery. Let the countdown begin for Festival of Lights!

From a Manhattan perspective, the holiday season ignites when the light switch gets flipped and MHK holiday celebrations commence. Manhattan Festival of Lights stirs passions for the official start of the holidays, with a towering 60-foot tree and lights as far as the eye can gander. Of course, Santa drops in for a quick shout-out before it's back to work up north!

Festival of Lights banner
Classic downtown remade/reinvigorated
Glance backward five years, when initial plans for Blue Earth Plaza lighting ceremony were set in motion. The plaza as we now know it had just taken shape. Downtown Manhattan was forever remade with new business to rebrand the city’s east entrance.

Few could appreciate how the downtown redesign would reshape Manhattan’s aesthetic presentation let alone the economic engine of the remodeled southeast section.

Here we are, with a Norman Rockwellian web screenshot and family-friendly event to call our own in Manhappiness. The holidays are almost here! Twenty-nine days and counting! Join the festive feelings as glad tidings are always roused here in the Gateway to the Flint Hills!

Perimeter lighting_MHK Festival of Lights
Photos courtesy Tim Sigle Photography


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