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Sep 20

Over the hills & through the woods: Wildwood's 2-mile obstacle course

Posted on September 20, 2018 at 4:10 PM by Michael Goens

Adventures get full-bore recon value as thrill-seekers venture to Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park in the Kansas River Valley area of the Flint Hills surrounding Manhattan. The river’s east banks -- once explorers’ first views westward of Manhattan and Bluemont Hill – echo with yelps, screams and howls of exhilaration from zipline riders. Soaring attached to an upper-body-covered safety harness carries an intrinsic ecstasy most don’t experience in everyday life.

Seven lines elicit extraordinary elation for riders tethered high as 70-100 feet above the prairie valley. On Sept. 30, adventures promise to be almost as heart-thumping, though better grounded, during Wildwood Adventure Run activities. The tree-lined park is situated on 80 acres where Pillsbury Drive winds westerly into Manhattan.


2-mile course filled with obstacles & challenges
This 2-mile run will be anything but a basic 3.22-kilometer light exercise. Hills are prevalent – go figure in the Flint Hills -- and of course within a zipline course trees are everywhere. The terrain is anything but common just a few miles north of Konza Prairie trails. Ascents, descents, obstacles manmade and natural. Weekend thrill-seekers, ya gotta give this a go!

Earth-laden timber, steep banks and mud pits are among the impediments to a smooth-sailing course. After all these challenges, soaring on the ziplines high above the earth will seem like child’s play. As for Wildwood’s scenic locale, the Flint Hills tend to present a binary belvedere of astounding mesas.

Serenely powerful. Overwhelmingly subtle. Delicately compelling. Breathe it all in, and you realize these descriptions are complementary, not contradictory on the eastern ridge of the Kaw River. That is, the Flint Hills don't overwhelm, they envelop. These rolling hills offer a grand stage of alluring beauty.

Wildwood Zips
Wildwood's zipline views are spectacular
Grandeur builds within the repetitive nature of the tallgrass prairie. The grandiosity is never more evident than when you’re at Wildwood Outdoor, which opened in 2016. Trees line the Kansas River bank and stretch over Prospect Hill to Wildwood, pinched between the Kaw River and Kansas Highway 177.

That stretch of road becomes Pillsbury Drive once visitors crest the Scenic Overlook pullout in southeast Manhattan. Climb atop one of the higher outposts of Wildwood’s seven-zipline adventure park, then gaze at the wonder of the Flint Hills. Manhattan and Tuttle Creek to the north, Kaw River winding from the west and the rolling hills that begin in this northeast parcel of Kansas and straggle south clear to the Oklahoma border.

MHK Adventures_MSnell2

Oh Manhattan!

Hop on the ziplines and whiz past tree branches for breathtaking absorption to mesmerize the heart, soul and mind of the most avid adventurer. This is what thrill-seeking is all about!

Register for the obstacle course run
Seek out your next adventure with the Wildwood Adventure Run. Register at and bring along a perishable food item to assist needy efforts for Flint Hills Breadbasket. Zip On! Run On! Seek your next great adventure in the Gateway to the Flint Hills, Manhattan KS!

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