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Aug 16

Rock your world with Manhattan's diabolical fajita selection

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 1:38 PM by Michael Goens

You gotta move fast to keep up with dining excellence around Manhattan these days. Keep it moving along the food line and we’ll get y’all ready for National Fajita Day (Aug. 18) with a trio of Manhattan special offerings. We’ve got you covered from both corners of Aggieville America to Downtown MHK!

As for the fajitas? Meat/chicken/shrimp and onions and peppers with sour cream or other dressing – a veritable cornucopia of multiple menu variations -- mixed together within a soft tortilla? Whoever could possibly construe this combination as anything but absolutely insatiable fare?

Wonderful Wahoo wrapped in tortilla heaven
Fajitas have only been around for about 75 years as an excellent Mexican foodie creation. These MHK joints whip up traditional tastiness on a scale of global goodness. And giddiness ensues! You don't really have to wait until Saturday, either. Kick off your weekend early with a trip to Wahoo Fire & Ice for an excellent selection done to Wahoo's exacting -- and we might mention incredible -- standards.

You’ll leave shouting “Yahoo for Wahoo!” People along Moro Street will nod and say, “oh they just had the Wahoo fajitas.”


Take a walk on the spicy side, aka, Crouchin’ Tiger; grilled chicken/steak with sweet-n-spicy Tiger glaze. Crouching Tiger, hidden taste explosion in these babies! Jamaican steak fajitas have also been known to make Wahoo diners’ heads go light in delight: jerk marinated steak and wild mushrooms with a dash of pineapple sauce and jalapeños for the kicker. Yeh Mon(!) these are excellent!

You don’t have to be born on the Bayou to appreciate the Bayou fajitas with andouille sausage-n-chicken shrimp with spicy remoulade sauce. There’s strong credence in these bad boys! And that’s just one-third of the wonder that is Wahoo fajita offerings. A recent addition is four wine varietals on tap. Warning: this may require multiple visits to determine the right combination of beverage with food intake.

What a great time investment in matching your succulent selections at Wahoo, where the Thursday special leaves diners all-a-tingle with satisfaction. Dining excellence at the southeast corner of Aggieville along Moro!

Swing into El Patron MHK
If you’re near Downtown MHK, wander toward the elegant county courthouse on Poyntz and across the street to El Patron. This catchy local cantina opened early summer 2018 and has steadily been adding fans due to its flavorsome menu. And for fajitas with pop, the Hawaiana delivers Patron patrons sizzling steak portions along with chicken, shrimp, peppers, onions and pineapple, all served inside of a pineapple half shell. Bring your own hula skirt to dance with joy after this flavorsome sampling!

A veggie offering and El Patron-patented steak and chicken add to the hearty selections. Might as well indulge with an El Patron margarita (Patron Silver) or even better, fire up your food order with the Jalapeño Margarita with Cabrito Reposado, lime juice, muddled jalapeño and simple syrup.

Coco Bolos Manhattan_Doug Stremel2

Photo by Doug Snell
Always better at Bolos
Wrap up the weekend with what Coco Bolos’ bills “Manhattan’s Best Fajitas” with Bloody Bolos and Mimosas to sate your thirst for perfection. Mmmm! Bolos specializes in spicy, with wood-fired grille items a Cox Brothers’ specialty. Your choice of steak, shrimp, chicken or veggie dished up with fresh-cut peppers, onions and topped with Bolos’ own citrus butter. Nothin’ bettah

Talk about a Sunday sizzle! Celebrate 20 years of fine dining with Loud Food & Spice Music at Bolos!

When it comes to fajitas, Manhattan's got a Mexican fiesta of seismic proportions!

Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill  El Patron Restaurant & Cantina  Coco Bolos  Aggieville USA  Downtown Manhattan


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