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Jul 19

Harry’s Somm Series events deliver magical flavor to entertain guests

Posted on July 19, 2018 at 5:02 PM by Michael Goens


If Shakespeare was correct and all the world’s a stage, then Harry’s Somm Series events indulge guests with premier entertainment parallel to incoming music performers and box office hits at Town Center Dine-In 13. Theatrical-level performances accompanied with hearty wine and liquor servings?

Magnifico! Auf den Nagel trinken (drink to the last drop!).

Anniversary celebrations
Somm Series events at this grandiose Midwestern restaurant along Poyntz Avenue in Downtown Manhattan originally premiered as part of Harry’s recent 20th anniversary celebration. The monthly special events were an overwhelming success and carried into 10-to-15 affairs annually.

The restaurant décor alone in the 90-year-old Wareham Hotel building is stunning to most dinner guests. Special affairs from the regular series imbue the ambiance and present stirring dinner gatherings, festive wine tastings and gala liquor samplings fit for kings and queens.

Not to insinuate that these are exclusive, high-society affairs. Not in the least. Come as you are, as Harry’s specialist Cristina Milostan owns the dress-up role of her choosing to match each event’s theme. Under Milostan’s guidance, Harry’s pours fine wines that have met the satisfaction of aficionados. Wine Spectator’s “Wine List Awards” distinguished Harry’s with awards of excellence from 2015-18.

“Guests get to try wines they wouldn’t normally try,” Milostan emphasizes. “We get to add to our wine list and highlight what guests would enjoy.”

Harry's Manhattan

August & September events
Upcoming Somm Series events include National Wine and Cheese Day observation and Unstock the Wine Cellar Party. Both of these are sold-out events, which shouldn’t dissuade visitors from keeping apprised for similarly tailored events in August, September and October. More Somm Series offerings include International Cabernet Day (Aug. 30) and Bourbon Heritage (Sept. 20) featuring Old Forester Return to Whiskey Row series.

As we roll into October, Wines of Germany will be Harry’s own “take” on Oktoberfest (Oct. 4) so people can taste different libations and styles, according to Milostan.

“These Somm Series events get people to enjoy and try new cocktails,” says Amanda Caldas, dining room/bar manager at Harry’s. “It’s nice to bring them in and try -- if you like bourbons, rums, tequila -- we have a bunch of these liquors you won’t find anywhere else.”

Cocktail pour

Think festively; be festive!
Spirits are high at Harry’s, and it doesn’t even take Happy Hour to put restaurant patrons in the party mood. Caldas and Milostan, the restaurant’s certified sommelier, share laughter about the celebratory levels displayed from Somm Series guests. Guests can get pretty animated, which is very much in the spirit of Somm Series.

Milostan emboldens the holiday spirit-flavored cheer when she has dressed in event garb as Medusa, Napoleon or even George Washington.

“Guests are excited to be here and we’re excited to have them here,” Caldas says.

“Always plan to be entertained and not have a preconceived notion of what you like. We have a range of servings that is so diverse. That’s my favorite part of Somm Series.”

Stay attuned to Harry’s special events at Harry's Manhattan and register at Eventbrite.



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