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Jul 12

Widgets elevates family entertainment to lofty level

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 12:01 PM by Michael Goens

Widgets Family Fun arcade gameJob fulfillment for Stacey Niedfeldt comes simply. A visiting toddler carried out to the Widgets Family Fun parking lot by a loving parent, wiped out from exhaustion and unable to complete the short walk.

That’s satisfaction.

A preschooler drags his feet to the car. ‘If only the walk takes longer, I can make the memory last,’ he may be thinking: Maybe dad will reconsider and we get to return immediately; spend the whole day!

“It’s like, ‘job well done,’ ” Niedfeldt says, grinning widely in satisfaction. Stacey and twin sister Lacey are co-partners (managers/operating partners) in Widgets, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Celebration is precisely accurate to describe visits here. Joy. Delight. Wonder. Widgets!

Each day, celebratory experiences follow when children arrive at Widgets. The building fills with torrents of bings, bangs, bells and blasts as children squeal in exhilaration. And approval.

That’s satisfaction.

Widgets arcade games

Festive fun starts with arcade aplenty
Whether kids grip paddles for rousing air hockey games, squirm and fidget to demolish pesky Space Invaders, roll pin-seeking mini-bowling balls or pound away at Whack N Win, each day is festive for the Hull family -- twins Lacey and Stacey, parents Dave and Karen plus brother Brandon -- at Widgets.

Stacey rattles off 50-or-so arcade games for kids to enjoy at Widgets, fingers flying in the air like a conductor directs an orchestra: Crank It, Black Hole and Cruisin Blast … Big Bass Wheel, Treasure Quest and Pirate’s Hook.

Widgets makes life another-level-fun of escape via arcade, another great family attraction offered around Manhattan (Heritage Square South, ¾-mile east of the Big Blue River bridge on Highway 24). Widgets’ colorful façade yields to a carnival-eclipsing cavalcade where elementary kids are tugged toward Ballocity (rhymes with velocity).

Widgets laser tag

Ballocity for your tots
The giant Ballocity structure sits smack dab in the middle of Widgets and throws out climbs, obstacles, slides and compressed-air blasts that build adorable levels of excitement for Ballocity-berserk tots.

Kids on the verge of adolescence head for the arcade games and ranges of entertainment from Jurassic Park to Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple. The more seasoned gamers steer toward Lazer Frenzy and Laser Tag games. The tag complex a massive two-story arena complete with corners, canopies and thought-invoking cover.

Every day a new adventure
Widgets is Manhattan’s version of a mini-amusement park filled to the brim with gaming. Oh, my! Oh, Manhattan!

“We want to make a kid’s good day the best thing ever,” Stacey Niedfeldt says. “What makes it special is hearing the laughs, seeing the smiles; then you know it’s been a good day.

“Every day is a new adventure. Today is not like yesterday; tomorrow will not be like today.”

Adventures unduplicated. Satisfaction-dripping exploits. Visit Manhattan and mark down Widgets Family Fun on your top-going list of attractions!

Widgets arcade


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