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Jun 28

Proposed Aggieville enhancements mean great things for Manhattan visitors

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 12:55 PM by Michael Goens

The Aggieville Business and Entertainment District has experienced mini-issues equivalent to minor mid-life crises. Accommodating growth to maintain the neighborhood’s lofty campus-city presence while striving to pinpoint the proper urban balance are central imperatives as Manhattan approaches 2025.

The 130-year-old district has morphed from service oriented to what is labeled as a neighborhood bar district and now weighs an existence somewhere in between. Proposed upgrades will mark rapid progress to tourism economics. Manhattan’s growth and success of downtown redevelopment have swept up “the ’Ville” into a passion project for city planners led by Olsson Associates design firm.


Photo by Michael Snell

Aggie goes urban upscale

Amenities to be enjoyed by future Manhattan visitors are as enormous as they are varied. Ground-floor shops alongside office space complement outdoor seating areas. Preservation of Moro Street corridor’s historic traits maintains Aggieville’s core integrity. The quadrant would be surrounded by an urban upscale development with landscape enhancements and wider sidewalks among the “look and feel” upgrades to the Aggieville district.

Visitors can anticipate the state’s original shopping district to experience a rebirth as the transformation has already begun. Bluemont Hotel’s sparkling presence generated the north-side overhaul, with one more hotel proposed and the district’s second multi-person complex across Bluemont on 11th Street.

Photo by Michael Snell

Visitor draws add increased amenities
Our region possesses resounding visitor draws and produces correspondingly positive upshots for Manhattan residents who frequent the state’s best entertainment hub. Recent surveys showed improved pedestrian access, bicycle amenities and expanded lighting and public seating are top among desires for the ’Ville’s visitors.

Traffic and parking concerns would be highly alleviated when new garages are constructed. One of two proposed garage locations would allow as many as 800 parking spots. An updated Aggieville will undoubtedly become more urban with better access and improved walkability to transition the district into one with a “mini-city” feel to it. The entire district will be accessible by 2-minute walks.

The best spot for Wildcat Nation’s celebrations, parades, nightlife and originally-awesome restaurant venues is just hitting its prime. Oh, how the 150th anniversary (in about 20 years) can be a binary gala for setting the right urban tone for Manhattan’s progress. One thing is certain, visitors can rejoice at the proposed developments to enrich Manhattan with even greater tourism attractions.

Aggieville aerial view


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