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Jun 14

Things’ll be great when you’re downtown

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 10:28 AM by Michael Goens

Because we're all about BFFs making lifetime memories, get your visit started in Downtown Manhattan. The inaugural Third Thursdays of the spring and summer season arrives tonight, and with it warm servings of Manhappiness. Be bold. Be brash. Be sassy. Whatever you do, be a frequent wanderer of Poyntz Avenue and our amazing restaurants, shops and stores in the downtown district.

Here are some ways to experience what’s Manhappenin’ downtown with this weekend’s Flint Hills Festival and Bill Snyder Highway half-marathon among the events in Manhattan.

The Chef

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey
Manhappiness served in abundance at The Chef on mounding, colorful breakfast platters. Local faves include the Buenos Dias Frittata, Fajita Scramble and Pancakes Bananas Foster. Just look for the retro, neon sign and line of patrons threading out the door of the family-owned, throw-back diner. Grab one of eight seats at the original, horseshoe-shaped counter near the chalkboard greeting “It’s A Beautiful Day in Manhattan”. Indeed, it’s always a great day to spend in MHK.

Digest life in the Flint Hills
You’ll never tire of the beauty and magic of the Flint Hills. The swells of grasslands and limestone begin at Manhattan and unfurl to the horizon. Every season brings a new view and adventure enjoyed through explorations of the Konza Prairie’s 8,600 acres laced with trails preserved by researchers at Kansas State University’s Division of Biology. First stop before prairie hiking should be Flint Hills Discovery Center to learn the prairie’s 250,000-year, ever-evolving story of geological formation.

May 19, visitors can enjoy Flint Hills Festival events in Blue Earth Plaza and Be The Dinosaur exhibit inside Flint Hills Discovery Center. Yes, that’s just how it sounds: YOU get to BE the dinosaur!

Hike at the Konza Prairie right outside Manhattan Kansas

Locked in for max fun
Match wits and collaborate to solve a mystery and escape your locked adventure room. Each Locked Manhattan episode presents a theme with staff to guide the detective-work experience. Up to eight people in a group work together to interpret clues, solve puzzles and sleuth their way to freedom. “The Dalton Plan” is the newest room addition among four mysteries at Locked Manhattan. Only one in three success rate is the best percentage among “escapees.” Good Luck!

Dinner at the Movies
It’s a five-star movie experience at dine-in AMC Manhattan Town Center 13 where wait staff bring moviegoers snacks and entrees during the films. Get online for “Avengers Infinity War” tickets and learn what all the buzz is about! AMC Dine-In Manhattan 13 is one of only three IMAX screens in Kansas to offer movie entertainment and theater seat-side dining.

AMC Dine-In Manhattan 13

Downtown Dining & Shopping
Manhattan’s restaurants along Poyntz Avenue satisfy every taste from white tablecloth, fine-dining establishments featuring global wine lists to rooftop bars, craft beer brewpubs, small-plate eateries and burger joints. Harry’s, Bourbon & Baker, della Voce, Tallgrass Tap House and Wine Dive Kitchen are just some of the places to enjoy a memorable meal with friends and family. Third Thursdays promises special drinks at all your favorite spots. Get your shopping needs covered at Bling, The Boutique, Fortuity, YeeHaw outfitters and more.

There's never a lull in Manhattan adventures. Experience what Manhappiness is all about!

Bourbon and Baker restaurant Manhattan, Kansas


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