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Mar 01

Colorful splashes accentuate home decorative styles

Posted on March 1, 2018 at 1:09 PM by Michael Goens

It’s almost time to flip into springtime. Spring in the Flint Hills glows with brilliant colors, and March presents great opportunities to visit your favorite Manhattan shops. Spruce it up! Reinvigorate your home décor!

Luminous colors area a great start. Bright and bold are best! Your starting focus may concentrate on seasonal spruce-ups and new accessories. Think big, and you’ll invariably develop greater desires to rouse your inner design diva into an all-out overhaul.

Make bold statements with touches of Midwest style. Bold flavors of spring burst forth in downtown shops along Poyntz Avenue, Aggieville, Seth Child Commons, Plaza West and Westloop districts. These deluxe treasure troves are havens for the savvy shopper, from extravagant to economical.


Spruce Up, Be Bold!
Dazzle your guests with floral arrangements and colors that blossom in our home décor stores. In MHK, 1419 Mercantile (Plaza West on Anderson Avenue) and Gatherings at 3 Thirteen (Poyntz Avenue) set the tone for trendy, new styles. Escape your tedious notion of ordinary spring cleaning chores and go full bore with new accessories to give your home a new feel.

Easter-themed get-togethers call for dapper additions to your dwelling. This spring, hit it out of the park with violet-spruced purples the top pantone pick for ’18 … definitely an enhancement K-State fans can cozy up to.


“If it’s colorful, people are going to gravitate to it,” said Rob Dudley, co-proprietor at Gatherings, along with Rick Munson. “Soaps and candles are popular. We’re heading into wedding season and anything that has a wedding feel to it makes a great gift.

“We do a lot of spring floral. People may be doing something new or maybe they want to create a spring wreath.”

Gatherings features innumerable collectibles to make just the right touch in your living area, and as Dudley alludes, are just perfect for wedding gifts


Fashion Trends Circa the ’70s
The touch of a custom florist is clearly evident with one step inside 1419 Mercantile, where Susan Doughty has run shop for three-plus years with the assistance of Lynn Butler. At 1419, the shop overflows with a vast array of spring colors. Bold colors are all about. Spring shouts for color and brightness!

Real-touch tulips make for a nice spring-time arrangement. Light up the aura around your kitchen with tulip displays purchased in batches of 8-to-10. Floral arrangements, potted ferns and any newly-potted plant provide a jolt of energy for your window bays and small spaces.

Galvanized wood products are another emerging trend to give your home a rustic look and feel.

“Anything galvanized in wood like a tiered stand or a picture stand” have been in-demand items, says Doughty, a custom florist. “It does take us back to the ’70s, and the décor can all be revisited.”

Try Out the Newest Tea Leaves
Brisk February mornings have yielded to earlier sunrises and tastes may trend toward abundant tea flavorings at 1419 Mercantile. For Teas Sake offerings are complemented by accessorized specialties of teapots and on-the-go canisters and containers. Citrus Delight? Mango Lango? It’s your choice among colors and flavors at 1419 Mercantile.

The Gateway to the Flint Hills is set ablaze with natural colors in March. Blaze your own path on your way through Manhattan, where our shopping areas stoke fresh creations for your home design ideas.


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