Aggieville special events


The 'Ville comes alive to celebrate special events and Wildcat Victory

Joy-filled declarations are inseparable from this place of frequent jubilation. This site – Aggieville, in a central Manhattan location – also rests central to many a Kansan’s heart. Quite a sight, when times for celebrations are right; be they holidays or sporting forays, Aggieville lights shine bright.

New Year’s Eve.

Saint Patrick’s Day.

Homecoming parade.

Wildcat Victory.

Enthusiasm flows freely in these streets for holiday rites of passage and sports triumphs. Hugs prevail. Aggieville was the place to celebrate Hoz’s mad dash in the 2015 World Series. Bar patrons went bonkers when Collin Klein scanned the lights under Snyder Family Stadium and sent Tyler Lockett on a 55-yard surge to paradise. The night was Dec. 12, 2012; K-State’s second Big 12 football title.

Not a stranger could be found as hugs prevailed.

When K-State football victories were rarities indeed, Aggieville was the place to march with sets of goal posts. What a tale those steel pipes could tell. The 'Ville is still the place to celebrate when the Cats come out on top.

Aggieville: Central to Manhattan; central to Little Apple® galas; core place to celebrate.

The state’s most celebrated entertainment district. Aggieville USA!