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Life in the Little Apple
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Home of Dwight Eisenhower, 34th president, Abilene is located 40 miles west of Manhattan on Interstate 70. Make plans to visit these destinations:
  • Boyhood home and “Place of Meditation”
  • Eisenhower Center
  • Eisenhower Museum
  • Final resting place of Dwight and wife Mamie Eisenhower
  • Presidential Library
  • Visitor’s Center

Wild West heyday
The old West hearkens back to images of cowboys, cattle drives and nearby towns like Abilene and Wichita. These legends include cattle drives along the Chisholm Trail, named after Jesse Chisholm, a trader on the Canadian River. The path of many cattle drives originated near San Antonio and continued north through Fort Worth. The Chisholm Trail as it existed then started north of the Red River and continued just east of Wichita to Abilene.

Chisholm Trail history
150th anniversary cattle drive

More information
Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (800-569-5915).