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Flint Hills
Konza Prairie
Activities are plentiful in the Flint Hills of Kansas, part of the Great Plains of the Midwest.

Flint Hills Discovery Center

“I am not so sure but the prairies and plains, while less stunning at first sight, last longer, fill the aesthetic sense fuller, precede all the rest, and make North America's characteristic landscape."

-- Walt Whitman, 19th century American poet

"Tallgrass prairie once blanketed approximately 170 million acres of North America, from Texas up into Canada and from Kentucky west into Kansas. Only about 4 percent of the once vast sea of grass remains, making the Tallgrass prairie the most altered ecosystem on the continent in terms of acres lost. Two-thirds of what's left is found in an approximate 50-mile band of native rangeland that runs north-to-south across east-central Kansas and down into Oklahoma. This expanse of prairie is called the Flint Hills in Kansas and the Osage Hills in Oklahoma; collectively, the area is sometimes referred to as the Greater Flint Hills."

-- Brian Obermeyer, Symphony in the Flint Hills Field Journal